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Did You Take Part In The YMCA Strong Kids Virtual Run?

By: Chip
Posted: May 31, 2020 05:31

Today is your last chance to take part

YMCA Strong Kids Run

Photo Credit: Sandra Parlow

Today is your final day to complete your chosen distance for the YMCA Strong Kids Virtual Run.

You can Run or Walk a 1k, 5k, 10k, 15k, or 20k. You can do it on a route of your choosing and you can do it anytime today!

Just don't forget to take a post run selfie and include a screenshot of the time and distance you did using a running app of some kind.

Yesterday I ran 20km in 1:27 minutes, and I saw so many people out running and walking so I know plenty of people took part, let me know what your time and distance was on our social media pages!

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