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Do You Pay Attention To Gas Prices?

By: Chip
Posted: February 21, 2021 06:44

Gas prices now are sitting at 115.9¢ for much of Brandon

Co-Op Gas Bar

Photo Credit: Co-Op

With Gas prices jumping this past couple of weeks. From $1.04 a litre to $1.15  a litre is this something you're concerned about?

I never really cared about gas prices. I only really drive my car in the Winter and I cycle everywhere in the summer but even when I do drive my car I always go to the same Gas Station because I collect the points there

But I know people who will check online and gas up at the lowest gas station. Even if it's 1 cent a litre cheaper they will go out of their way to gas up there

How about you? Do you care about gas prices?

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