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By: Tyler Glen
Posted: July 2, 2020 05:45

Provincial Officials made is clear Wednesday night. It's quite possible the Rivers Dam just won't hold.


All families down stream from the Rivers Dam are under mandatory evacuation order.

At 11 pm last night, the province made it a MANDATORY EVACUATION for everyone downstream from the Rivers dam.  This impacts 30 to 40 families close to the dam or immediately downstream.  And while all eyes are on Rivers, in Brandon preparations for a possible evacuation went into overdrive.  The City of Brandon’s Emergency Response Control Group spent yesterday closing the hole in the City of Brandon’s dike system at the intersection of 18th Street North and Grand Valley Road (Provincial Road #459).   But make no mistake, at a moment's notice, people in the area of the Corral Centre, Veterans Way, and Grand Valley Road (low lying areas) may have to GET OUT AND QUICK!  The city has issued evacuation preparation notices to several hundred homes in the area between 1st Street North and 26th Street North, from Stickney Avenue north to Galbraith Crescent.  Notices were delivered door-to-door to last night tonight.  All residences receiving this notice should be prepared to evacuate on short notice. Impacted residents are asked to plan to stay with a friend or relative if at all possible.  If staying with friends or relatives is not an option, more information can be obtained by calling the City of Brandon Enquiry Centre at 204-729-2186.
In the event of an evacuation order, residents will be notified as follows:
–             The City of Brandon’s emergency alerting siren
–             Local radio stations (www.starfm.ca and www.qcountryfm.ca)
–             The City of Brandon website (www.brandon.ca)
–             City of Brandon Facebook and Twitter
–             In-person door-to-door visitations
Should residents have any inquiries about this process or the flood situation in Brandon, they are encouraged to call the Enquiry Centre at 204-729-2186. 

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