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Facebook Making Changes AGAIN

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: October 1, 2020 05:47

It will soon link ALL other FB products

FB is bringing it all together

Social media accounts in Western manitoba and around the world are about to change. Again. But this change may help make things for convenient. Instagram users will soon be able to message their friends on Messenger, without needing a Facebook account. The move is the first step in Facebook's plan to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, that will cement Facebook's dominance over the messaging market for years, and for most, make it harder to break up the company.

The ability for Instagram and Messenger users to message or video chat with each other is being tested now and will expand globally by the end of the year. The idea was that people who only have WhatsApp accounts could message friends on Instagram or Messenger and vice versa, without having to download an app or switch between multiple apps to send messages.

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