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Find the perfect pair of jeans, without trying them on

By: Amber Vandale
Posted: July 29, 2020 07:28

Did this woman find the greatest hack for finding a new pair of jeans?

On the surface, this looks like a lifesaver!  But is it?

A woman says she’s discovered a hack to find the perfect pair without even having to try them. Billie Newland has a viral TikTok video of how to do it.  The 25-year-old says she discovered the hack while doing laundry.   It involves using your forearm to find the ideal size without ever trying the jeans on. In her video, she says to measure the waistband using the length of your forearm from your elbow to your wrist. If your arm fits snugly inside the waistband, that’s your perfect pair.

So of course we've been standing the studio this morning comparing our forearms and waist sizes.  Both Tyler and I think that we'd be wearing some pretty tight jeans using this method.  Can you check at home today and post a picture??  We are curious if this method will work for you.


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