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First it was Toilet Paper. Wait Until You See What We Hoard Now.

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: July 29, 2020 05:34

First, Westman cleared the shelves of toilet paper as the COVID Pandemic hit. What we're hoarding now is much more valuable.

TP Shortage

(Image: Richard Vogel/AP)

First, the pandemic scared us into racing to the store and buying toilet paper.  Now COVID is making people anxious to a point where they are hoarding something completely different.  But what's the same is........it's still paper.  But instead of toilet paper, the paper Western Manitobans are hoarding is $50 bills.  The Bank of Canada says the shortage across Canada won't impact your ability to withdraw cash, but will require banks to alter their cash orders to incorporate other denominations.

Both $50 bills and $20 bills are in the highest demand.  Even though Canadians are withdrawing more cash, there are fewer places to spend it. Several Westman businesses over the past few months are encouraging customers to avoid cash payments, while other businesses are refusing it altogether. 

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