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How Many Friends Do You Need For Success?

By: Chip
Posted: April 3, 2021 06:38

According to a study the ideal number is 150 friends!


Photo Credit: Canva

In your opinion what is the ideal number of friends a person should have? I think you can get through life with 6 friends. I feel like that's a good number.

According to a recent study by Oxford University, the ideal number of friends for success in life is 150! I don't even know 150 people!

Of these 150 friends, there are various tiers of friendship quality. Most people have five people in their inner circle who are intimate friends who’d donate a kidney to you; 12 to 15 supportive friends who’d be dismayed by your death; and 50 good friends who would attend an annual gathering like your birthday party.

Maybe that will be my goal once things start to back to normal, to meet new people. Tell you what, when it's safe to I'm going to host a big backyard BBQ and you're all invited!

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