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How Many Times Do You Think Gordon Ramsey Swears A Day

By: Chip
Posted: February 23, 2021 17:29

He admits he swears 150 times a day!

Gordon Ramsey

Photo Credit: Flickr

You know Gordon Ramsey right? British celebrity chef who has a reputation of having a bit of a potty mouth. Well he's hosting a new family friendly show in the UK... To be honest Goron Ramsey is not the first name that to comes to mind when I think Family Friendly.

Do you want to take a guess how many times a day he swears a day? Gordon Ramsay admits he swears 150 times a day! If he's awake for lets say 15 hours a day that's 10 swear words an hour!

For this new show he tried to be on his best behaviour but apparently the first swear word of the season comes in the first 43 seconds… he tried his best

But still 150 times a day… I think I can beat that. Tune in to tomorrow's show and listen as I try and beat 150 swear words.

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