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I Would Totally Miss That Store!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: October 16, 2020 13:12

Seriously...don't take it from me!

I don't know how well I would do if I had to move to another country. Heck, I struggled to make the transition from Ontario to Manitoba and that's just province to province! Another country would be a whole different ball game.

     A family from England recently made the move to Australia and found themselves a little homesick. Their kids were missing their favorite grocery store and a favorite food they'd usually get from there. Naturally, the kids got creative and used some of the cardboard boxes from their move to build their own version of the store. The parents were so amused they cooked up a homemade version of the snack they'd all been missing. 

     It's adorable and heartwarming. So now I'll pose you a question. Say you've got to move to a new country. You're allowed to take one Canadian store with you to help with being homesick and to have a snack or two that you can only find in Canada. What store are you taking? 

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