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I'm Gonna Let You Scream At Me

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 27, 2020 14:05

Just Don't Make Me Go Deaf!

Things aren’t amazing right now. Stress is building up and you need A release. A stress ball could help, but I feel like that’s too small for this. You need A big release. You need A primal release. You need to scream! Iceland will now let you scream at them for free!

In A bid to get people excited to travel again and be tourists, Iceland is now letting people visit A website, and have people record themselves screaming. You can scream into the vast wilderness of Iceland and take off some of that stress. And of course, when we can travel to Iceland again, you save some of it and then fly there do it. It’s A brilliant marketing scheme and I’m not gonna lie, I may have recorded my own scream for it.

However, since we’re in Westman and maybe we’re A little too proud to give up our scream to another part of the world, I’ll give you the opportunity to scream at Westman. If you’re feeling stressed and wanna relieve some of that stress with A good old fashioned scream, gimme A shout 204-727-7827. I’ll let you go for as long as you want until you feel better…or I go deaf!

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