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Interesting or Horrifying?

By: Dan Everett
Posted: September 15, 2020 22:26

Seriously, has NOBODY seen The Terminator?

I've seen enough movies to know that smart machines generally don't turn out to be a good thing...which is why I'm not sure if I'm more interested or terrified of the latest chair to hit the market.

One glance at the picture and you'll see why...this robot chair, resembling a scorpion, is quite the site to behold. Seriously, my dear reader, this thing looks like nightmare fuel, and it's only one lightning strike away from gaining self-awareness and going on a rampage.

What do you think, would this be a cool thing to have in your home? Personally, I'm sticking to my overstuffed recliner, thank you very much.


Link to the original story here.

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