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Jamie Harrison

Joe Rogan Says Video Games Are A Waste Of Time

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 28, 2020 14:15

I Say Joe Rogan Is A Moron

To my knowledge, we're not getting A Westman Gaming Expo this year. If we are, it's gonna be very different from the ones we've seen in years past. It could ultimately end up being better than ever, but only time will tell. Video games are always fun, so I hope we can work something out. 

     One person who seems to think the opposite is podcaster and all-around man baby Joe Rogan. A recent episode of his podcast featured him discussing how video games are fun, but ultimately a waste of time because you can't accomplish anything them. Well duh. That's the whole point. It's A hobby. A distraction from the real world and all the shit going on right now. Of course, I'm not actually jumping on turtles and collecting random coins scattered around the city of Brandon. I'm in the mushroom kingdom and having Mario & Luigi do it! 

     Seeing Joe bad mouth one of my favorite hobbies is disheartening because sadly so many people take his word as gospel. Well, I'm not one to take the fight sitting down. I'll take it to Joe. If we're really not having A Westman Gaming Expo this year we need something else to fill the void. Something with high stakes. Something that'll make us gasp with excitement and fear! It's time to bring back Fear Factor for A one-off episode. One episode, in which Joe Rogan puts his money where his mouth is. If he can do the most heinous, disgusting, and terrifying things fear factor has ever done, I'll listen to one full episode of his podcast and he can tell me directly why video games are A waste of time. Until then, I'll happily enjoy my time in Super Mario World hitting turtles with Mario's boots. 

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