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Knockoff Costumes

By: Dan Everett
Posted: October 22, 2020 22:51


I was a lucky kid growing up. When I was super little, my Mom went above and beyond the line of duty making me some amazing Halloween costumes. For example, when Mario 3 came out when I was no more than 5 years old, my Mom made me a Luigi costume, COMPLETE with raccoon tail! Thanks mom!

I'm super thankful I never ended up in those horrid knockoff costumes. "Juice Demon" instead of Beetlejuice? "Creepy Dad" instead of Gomez Addams? The best I ever saw was Wednesday Addams, or as the knockoff costume company called her, "Evil Mid-Week Cutie". Cue facepalm.

Have you ever had to rock a really bad knockoff costume? Share your stories!

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