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Let's Pierce Mask Straps To Our Ears!!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: June 30, 2020 13:25

Sounds Fun Right?

Are you wearing A mask when you go out to the grocery store in Westman? I’m not seeing too many people doing it but I applaud those who are. There are times however when you shouldn’t be wearing A mask.
One of those times is if you’re feeling like you need to get your ears pierced right now. Cause if you’re not going to someone who can do it properly, they might pierce the mask to your ear. Yeah, it happened. An actor on A nickelodeon web series called DIY with me, Sissy Sheridan, got her ears pierced at Icing by Claire’s. The person who pierced her ears somehow pierced the strap of her mask to her ear. That is mortifying and stressful. 


She’s doing the right thing by wearing A mask but maybe she could have held off on the piercing. It’s kinda not necessary right now. However, I am willing to allow A piercing if you’re doing the way Lindsay lohan did it in Parent Trap. Sterilize A sewing needle with some fire and stab away…wait that doesn’t sound right either…Oh right, make sure you have an apple!






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