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Jamie Harrison

Manitobans SUCK At Driving!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: October 1, 2020 16:11

And we're not alone. The prairies are being called home to Canada's worst drivers!

Bad driving is a problem that plagues every inch of this planet. But since we live in Western Manitoba we should focus on the bad drivers here…and maybe other parts of the prairies. According to a new study the most dangerous drivers in Canada…are from the prairies.

     Manitoba ranks at number 3, Alberta at 2, and Saskatchewan at 1. Somehow I'm not surprised. 76% of Manitobans say they’ve done unsafe things while out on the road, not a shock. I remember going home to Ontario last summer and seeing how bad the driving had gotten there, only to be more surprised by how much worse it was when I came home to Manitoba. 

The biggest problem with 49% of people saying they’ve done it…is eating while driving!! I’m not gonna lie and say I haven’t done that. I have. More often then not though, it’s a quick dip into my McDonalds bag to grab a fry and then eat the rest at home. Our hunger is causing us to be bad drivers. So, Westman, I implore you…have a fruit or eat a meal before you get behind the wheel. I want us to be better than Ontario and only be eating at home can we do that.

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