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Minnedosa On Edge-Rapid City Burm Lets Go

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: June 30, 2020 06:21

So far the dam is holding. That wasn't the case in Rapid City.

Rapid City Dam

Rapid City Dam from the air June 29, 2020 (Image: Douglas Trainor)

A thunderstorm that rolled through Westman Sunday (June 28) knocked down trees, flooding streets and basements, and even saw a tornado swing through Rapid City.  Meanwhle in Minnedosa, sandbagging efforts continue with ongoing flood concerns, and the potential of more rain. At this moment the dam in Minnedosa is holding up, however many  of businesses in the town are underwater or have flooded basements.  Manitoba Infrastructure is on site this morning, and is expected to be on site for a few days monitoring the dam/spillway and it continues to hold strong.   The Minnedosa Tribune is reporting on FB water levels on the north side of the spillway have actually gone down a bit since this afternoon and government officials will keep a watchful eye on the situation.  The province is monitoring the impact of all this rain, including the City of Brandon, the rural municipalities of Oakview and Elton, and the Town of Minnedosa.  The RMs of Oakview and Cornwallis, as well as the municipalities of Riverdale and Clanwilliam-Erickson, declared states of local emergency due to flooding.  In the meantime area residents try to calm fears and anxiety.  Many with bags packed by the door, ready to roll out of town at a moment's notice.  Let's hope and pray it doesn't come to that.  And for the time being, it looks like the worst may be over.  Let's keep our fingers crossed, keep and eye to the sky and keep a radio handy and a phone charged for updates.  

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