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Movie Characters Need To Wear Masks!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 30, 2020 13:25

You can go to Landmark in Brandon this weekend to see A movie or two, but if none of the characters are wearing masks, are you gonna be comfortable watching them?

We know how excited you are to be going to the movie at Landmark in Brandon this weekend. We also know that you’re wearing A mask when you’re out in public, just like some of your favorite characters in movies would do if they were experiencing this pandemic! With that in mind, I would like to play A game. Change A movie by making the main characters wear A mask.

As you can see here, Sigourney Weaver and the Xenomorph are now friends thanks to the inclusion of A mask.


Tom Hardy has been in 4 movies in the last decade where his character is obscured by A mask! Heck, I’m pretty sure Bane would have died if he wasn’t wearing A mask. Venom even had A whole scene about wearing A mask!

So let's change some movies together! Gimme A movie that would drastically change if the main characters were wearing A mask!

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