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My Kid Tweeted What?!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: April 5, 2021 11:46

And they tweeted it from my work account!!

How much do you trust your kids to use your phone or your tablet without your supervision? There’s probably an age where you go, ok, they’re old enough now to not delete photos, post something kinda inappropriate to Facebook, or something nonsensical.

    There’s probably even more concern if you’ve got a work phone that’s not suitable for you to do anything other than work on. For example, you probably shouldn’t have Twitter on your work phone, especially if you’re signed into the US Strategic Command Twitter. A couple of days ago it tweeted out what many joked were “US Launch codes”. The tweet read, ";l;;gmlxzssaw". Try and say that 3 times fast! Naturally, the internet had a field day with it. Again, lots of missile launch code jokes, some wondering if the account had fallen victim to being hacked, and even some just sighing and wondering what else the U.S. Government could do to dampen people's image of them.  

    Disappointingly it was only a case of a kid playing with their parent's work phone. Unfortunately, Strat Comm deleted the tweet and then tweeted out that everyone should disregard their last tweet. Kind of a bummer that they didn’t see the humour in this, but at least the internet did!

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