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NHL hockey. Are you in or out?

By: Amber Vandale
Posted: July 28, 2020 07:20

Exhibition games today, but the big question is, where are you watching?

Backyard BBQs.  Deep woods off.  Heat warnings.  Cheering for the Winnipeg Jets.  Typically not things we see together.  But in this year of COVID-19, we will see something we never have.  The start of the NHL playoffs August 1st.  So this opens a world of possibilities for fans who want to enjoy their backyard and hockey all at the same time.

You have your choice of a few exhibition games today.  Pittsburgh plays Philadelphia at 3pm local time.  Then tonight Toronto meets Montreal at 7p and Edmonton faces Calgary at 9:30. 

Is it time to drag your TV outside?  Or maybe you've already got a "Backyard Sports Oasis"?  We'd love to see your photos!  

Our backyard viewing party!

Photo credit Amber Vandale

What I wish ours looked like........

Photo Credit Houzz

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