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Old or Unknown?

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: June 22, 2020 13:00

What Do You Wanna See When Movie Theatres Re-Open?

Phase 3 has started here in Westman and people couldn't be happier! You can have gatherings with more people, dine out again, and then go work off that meal at the gym. It's all pretty exciting! One place that hasn't opened up again is Landmark Cinemas! I'm ready to be able to go see A movie or two when they do re-open but I'm always very nervous to do so. Social distancing is going to be tricky but manageable. Another big issue we'll have to deal with is A lack of movies coming to theatres. As of right now the next big film coming out this summer is Tenet from Christopher Nolan.

     Is that gonna be enough to get people to go to the movies again? Probably not. I'm stoked for it but I know tons of people who would prefer something else. Maybe we should be looking to the past to get butts in seats. Since Warner Bros. delayed the release of Tenet from it's original July 17th spot to July 31st they've opted instead to put out A 10-year anniversary edition of Inception! It'll include an exclusive sneak preview of Tenet alongside previews of other Warner Bros. films set to come out in the next year. It's A genius move to put an older movie out there and see if anyone takes the bait. If people are down to see something older they're probably ok with new releases as well. 

What do you think? If Landmark were to open back up this week would you be down to go check out some cinema classics or would you want new stuff and only new stuff? 


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