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Preparing Your Pet When You Go Back To Work

By: Chip
Posted: May 26, 2020 17:34

What should you do to prevent separation anxiety?

Dog & Cat

According to experts you need to start preparing your pets NOW to get them used to you going back to work.

Here are some ways to help

  1. Leave the house more frequency to get them used to being alone. Aim to be out between 30 minutes to an Hour to "desensitize" them.

  2. Try getting up at a regular time, feeding and exercising them at the same time to build the routine back

  3. Make sure they get exercise before you leave for work, if you get them tired they will be ready for a nap

  4. (If Possible) Dropping by on your lunch break can be helpful, or having a friend or neighbour to check in on them

Have you started preparing your pets yet? What have you been doing?


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