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Random Findings

By: Dan Everett
Posted: October 25, 2020 16:35

Is it junk? Treasure? A BOMB?!

A story made the news yesterday, where a man in Victoria, BC, found an undetonated WWII-era bomb in a box of antique tools he aquired. He did the right thing and notified the authorities, they responded, and nobody was hurt as the bomb was successfully disarmed. (Link to the original story can be found by clicking here.)

This of course got me to wondering; have YOU found any crazy gadgets/doodads/thingamabobs in your basement/attic/crawl space? I haven't found anything too crazy, though I'm reminded of the time a buddy of mine and I were rummaging through my parents basement in our childhood home. We found an old bottle of alchohol, and being adventerous young men, we decided to have a few swigs. Just an FYI: old vermouth does NOT taste good. 

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