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Roads and Weather Warnings

By: Amber Vandale
Posted: July 1, 2020 04:24

The rain has stopped but the clean up is just beginning

Environment Canada has ended its "Severe Thunderstorm Watch" for all of Westman and Parkland.  It was a night of sandbagging for some and some scary moments when according to Facebook page "Discover Minnedosa" there was a false alarm of the emergency siren.

The additional rain last night has not been helpful to highways, there are still several closures this morning. 

Highway #270 from #1 to #25 closed
Highway #10 from #1 to Forrest one lane
Highway #10 from Forrest to #25 closed
Highway #270 2.5 km south of Jct #24 closed
Highway #24 vicinity of Rapid City to vicinity of #250 closed
Highway #355 13 km E of Jct #250 to 3 km west of Jct  #16A closed
Highway #16A S. Jct #16 to N. Jct  #16 closed

Highway #5 near Neepawa. There will be barricades set up at the junction of  #5f and #353 to prevent traffic from coming through.

The Province of Manitoba has the following alert on their Manitoba 511 page:

"Provincial officials are still assessing locations damaged by the severe rainstorms in the Brandon to Minnedosa area. Until the assessments are completed, motorists are advised to only travel if necessary."

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