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She's having how many babies?

By: Amber Vandale
Posted: May 27, 2020 06:09

Dad has an epic reaction to finding out he's going to be a Dad of..........


Warning:  video NSFW language PG13

Our family is full of twins!  Both on my husband's side and mine.  My sister and brother inlaw are twins and so is my Dad.  Both times that I was pregnant, we were fully prepared for the news that we were having twins.  No twins for us. 

According to the Daily Mail, Mother-of-one Samantha Grill from Waverly, Iowa, U.S, was left with no choice but to  attend her pre-natal scan alone due to hospital regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She left her appointment with a big surprise for her husband Jason and one year old son.

Has anyone in your family locally ever had twins, triplets or quadruplets??

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