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Should Westman Buy A Piece of Canadian History?

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 20, 2020 14:30

Yes. Yes We Absolutely Should

Since the start of the pandemic one thing that’s been A concern for A lot of cities, and that’s the loss of tourism. There's not A lot of traveling right now between provinces unless you’ve got A good hook. And I might just have one that I think the city of Brandon should look into. The province of Nova Scotia is selling an iconic piece of Canadian History…Theodore Tugboat!

     That’s right if you’ve been to Halifax before you’ve probably seen him giving tours around the harbor but now he needs A new home! For just $495,000. This is the money-making thing we desperately need in Westman. People will come from all over to ride Theodore! Once the border reopens in 2025 the Americans will want to ride him as well! Heck, if we buy it I’ll even do my show on it for the first week it’s in operation! A radio show done at…not the sea but the lake is pretty cool! You know what, nuts to the city buying it, I’m gonna ask if Star FM can buy. I think we'd have way more fun with it. 

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