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Snacks We Want Back

By: Brittany Hamilton
Posted: August 8, 2020 18:11

A craving that’s still unsatisfied.


Image: Surge

Throughout the years we have seen some delicious and creative snacks and treats. Sure you can satisfy a craving with something that’s already on the shelves but what about those snacks that have come and gone? Remember Dunkaroos or those Oreo snack cakes? I miss them and thinking about some of those delicious snacks that were gone too soon makes me feel nostalgic. 

Not all snacks from the past are completely gone through. You can find some candies from your childhoods right here in Brandon like some Gold Mine gum or Pop Rocks at stores like Bulk Barn and sometimes the local grocery store. Every once in a while we see some of our old favourites come back like when Pepsi Clear was around for a limited time or Oreo O’s cereal. If you could bring your favourite discontinued snack back though what would it be? I know I still miss Oreo snack cakes and maybe some Surge to wash it down. 

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