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Stick Libraries Are All The Rage Right Now!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: February 18, 2021 16:44

Do we have any in Westman?

It’s been cold outside, and I’m sure that has meant for pet owners, especially dog owners, walking your dog has been a not great experience. Luckily this weekend it’s gonna be fairly warm and maybe when you’re out walking with the dog, they’ll find a stick they wanna carry around for the walk, cause dogs to do that

    Well, what if they didn’t have to search and instead they just took a stick from the stick library? A family in saskatoon built a stick library for their local dog park. They got some scrap wood together made a box, and found some good-sized sticks to put inside. Now dogs in their neighbourhood get to come to the park, pick out a nice stick and walk around with it. Of course, they have to return it as well. Now I don’t have a pet so I haven’t been to the dog parks here in Brandon, and from talking to my co-workers it doesn’t seem like we have a stick library anywhere. 

    Think your dog would appreciate this?

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