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Summer Bucket List

By: Chip
Posted: May 12, 2021 17:20

What would you like to experience this Summer?


Photo Credit: Canva

People are sick of staying home this pandemic and they are looking to become more adventurous this summer by trying new things.

In a recent survey by OnePoll on behalf of online RV rental platform Outdoorsy, two-thirds of people have started a summer bucket list. Stuff they would like to do this summer.

The most popular activities involve being outdoors like Camping (47%), Wakeboarding (43%), and Hiking (41%).

I feel like I've got a good chunk of my bucket list checked off. I've been skydiving, that was incredible.

My identical Twin has been scuba diving and using our twin telepathy if he's done it then by right i've done it… He also his pictures and we look the same so I can tell people I did it.

I'm not sure what I would put on my Summer Bucket list though… I've never been to Clear Lake, I heard it was beautiful there… I've only been fishing a couple of times in my life and I guess I would like to try that again.

What type of things would you like to do this Summer?

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