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Jamie Harrison

Swimming In A Flood

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: June 29, 2020 15:05


My apartment flooded yesterday. Yeah it sucks but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Nothing was severely damaged, but now we play the waiting game to see if there's any mold. So that'll be fun to deal with. One of the good things yesterday was being able to see the people in my neighbourhood outside trying to get things back to A sense of normalcy. There was one women that was going around to the drain pipes in the area trying to remove debris and what not to get the water flowing. Big shoutout to her. 

This A picture from the area of Bandon I was in when things went to heck. Not A pretty sight.  What i'm not showing here is the one random person that was outside with no shoes or shirt on,  and wearing swim trunks. I saw that and thought "Ok...you're not seriously gonna go swimming  in this area you?". Thankfully I didn't see this guy belly flop into the lake that formed on my  street but it was still A little odd. I'm genuinely curious as to why he had swim trunks on and looked ready for A day at the beach.

     I guess you could argue he was just trying to have some fun at A time when things didn't look so great. Which I can totally get. However it looked like this guy spent the day getting ready for this moment in time and was excited by the prospect of A mini lake in Brandon. I'm just glad he wasn't in his birthday suit. 

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