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Jamie Harrison

Takeout Shaming!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 2, 2020 13:50

But Not Like That!

I remember last year we had A couple of cleanups that happened around the city of Brandon. One at Princess Park, which was supposed to become an annual event, and of course the two at the Riverbank Discovery Centre. From the walk I took last night it seemed like there wasn't a lot of trash on the ground but I notice A couple of takeout bags from A McDonald's or Wendy's. 

     I love going to get A burger or something from A fast-food spot and I’m always making sure to throw everything out in the proper place and to recycle. It’s hard to say why other people don’t do the same but I can’t imagine we need A trash crisis on our hands alongside everything else going on. Surprisingly, farmers in the U.K. have come up with A way to help curb the amount of trash they find on their farms and it’s one that could be implemented in other places. Putting the license plate of the person picking up food through the drive-through on the take out bag and the items inside. They figure that with technology where it is, you could easily hide it with UV so that people couldn’t destroy it to avoid being found it for littering.


     It’s A novel idea but it’s one that I think is kind of shamey and privacy breaching. This could lead to A whole slew of issues down the line but I do like the thinking. Maybe hardcore shaming someone is the key to getting them to stop littering. Better yet lets just do what they did on Futurama. Blast it all into space! Then it's someone elses problem! 



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