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Dan Everett

Thank you, Ben & Jerry's!

By: Dan Everett
Posted: July 23, 2020 22:59

Now everyone can enjoy the deliciousness!

Ok, ok, I'll admit...some good things *have* come out of the pandemic, and in my case, they've been mostly food related. I've talked about how some companies, such as Disney, have released some of their recipes for exclusive food found only on a Disney resort...but Ben and Jerry's has officially won what I'm dubbing "Recipe Wars: 2020 Edition".

Some smart individual has released the recipe for make-at-home, edible cookie dough bites. These babies don't have any egg in them, so they're perfectly safe for the whole family to eat! Dig in!

Are there any other companies out there, that have exclusive foods, that you'd just LOVE to have the recipe for?

Link to the Ben and Jerry's cookie dough recipe here

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