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The COVID Video that blew up Twitter Tuesday

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: September 16, 2020 05:41

No mask. No way. No how. For this Calgary woman.

Twitter exploded Tuesday night with Calgary video.

I have to admit.  Last night as I was scrolling through Twitter trending I did have a bit of a moment slight panic when I saw that Fabricland was trending across Canada in the Top 5.  I briefly thought that the retailer, who has been a business in this country for decades providing fabric and patterns and sewing and crafting material, especially popular locally, was another retail victim of COVID.  But thankfully that wasn’t the case.

Fabricland is alive and well and healthy and likely doing better than ever.  However, the store was trending because of a Calgary woman whose reaction to being told to wear a mask was going viral, not just across Canada around the world. The video shows a woman confronting staff about being asked to wear a mask before she’s escorted out of the store. Ask yourself how you would handle this if you were working in the store. How would you handle this if this was your Mom or Sister or a Friend of yours that had asked you to go shopping with her?  Awkward all around.

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