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The Great Chocolate Debate

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: May 25, 2020 13:40

Fridge Vs Pantry

We could all use more chocolate in our lives!

Chocolate! We're all fond of it, be it dark, milk, white, or something else. I've been buying more and more of it lately because i've been doing more baking.  My stomach hasn't been overly fond of it, but i'm definitely loving it. 

     One of the biggest concerns I have during the summer months is     making sure it's not melting before I get A chance to use it. My   apartment gets kinda hot and muggy, so it's only natural to keep the   chocolate in the fridge during the hottest time of the year....right? 

     This was the argument raging on twitter last night and now I   wanna know what you think Westman! Where do you store your   chocolate? Fridge or Pantry? 


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