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The ONLY time that Christmas should come before Halloween

By: Dan Everett
Posted: October 16, 2020 22:51

Otherwise it can stay in December

I hate the fact that Christmas seems forced upon us earlier every year. It seems like I've barely had time to plan what discounted Halloween candy I want to buy, and I'm hearing Chrsitmas carols in the supermarket. Enough is enough! We need to celebrate holidays in order!

However, there is one exception. 

That exception, my friends, is egg nog. Yeah, that's right, yours truly is a fan of the Nog...so much so that I've already had two cartons of the stuff, and it's not even Halloween yet! No, I don't think it should be offered year round, but having it as soon as the weather gets cold is a nice treat in my book.

What do you think; is nog an exception to the rule?

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