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Jamie Harrison

This A Whole New Level Of Dumb

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 31, 2020 16:23

Please Don't Pay For Your Pets To Attend Dodgers Games

Everyone is excited because sports are back! And you know I’m not a big sports person. But I have been interested in what teams are doing to fill the stands during their games. Some teams have virtual fans with cheers and boos being played throughout the game. Some teams are doing cardboard cutouts in the stands. Like the Los Angeles Dodgers. I didn’t realize people are paying to be A cardboard cutout at dodgers games, and it costs around $300 to do this!

Now they’re encouraging people to pay the same price to have cardboard cutouts of their pets at games. It could be unique. The play by play guys could have A list of who’s in the stands and give direct shoutouts
“And there’s the pitch…Hernandez hitting out into the stands…OH and that went right into Mr. mittens out section H, Row 7, Seat J. That is gotta put A dampen on today’s festivities. Oh wait…it’s just cardboard and we’ve already got A replacement, Mr. Mittens, in there. Let’s hope he can stay out of trouble for the rest of the game”. 

That’s just one sport. I can only imagine what hockey with the Brandon wheat kings is gonna look like this year. No barriers and pucks flying everywhere and breaking things. I’d watch more of that!

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