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Thursday Night In Rivers. WOW.

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: July 3, 2020 05:50

You've never seen Rivers like this.

Rainbow and storm

Rivers Dam July 2, 2020 (Source: Youtube).

In what has become a common appearance thunderstorms rolled through western Manitoba again on Thursday night. This time though it was different.  Western Manitoba is on edge as many communities are dealing with states of emergency.  And the potential of significant bodies of water coming crashing into other communities thanks to infrastructure built nearly a century ago, that simply just cannot withstand the current water levels.  As the clouds rolled in last night anxiety ran high.  Winds picked up clouds got dark.  Things looked ominous.  But amidst the hard rain and the blowing wind (that thankfully didn’t last very long) some amazing pictures across Western Manitoba were taken.   One such picture was from Rob from Key West Photo, who took this amazing picture .  It is beautiful.  It is scary.  And as Rob says it’s a reminder of who’s really in charge here.  Maybe it’s an opportunity for us to think of how powerless we are in the face of such amazing strength and distruction of nature.  Maybe it’s a moment of faith.  Or maybe it’s just a moment to step back and say that "even amdist the darkest storm clouds, a rainbow can be found."  Have a good weekend stay safe and let’s take care of each other.

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