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Vaccine Requires a Dose of Patience

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: November 25, 2020 05:54

2021 could be a great year!

Vaccine is weeks away. 2021 for Canada.

There's a very real chance, Christmas may look like most holidays in 2020.  While the final decision has yet to be made, Premier Pallister told Manitobans Tuesday, its best to plan to have Christmas celebrations limited to your household.  But there's good news on the vaccine front.  CBS news reports the FDA could have approval in the US for the COVID vaccine as soon as December 10th.  Retail chain CVS pharmacy is ready to move within 48 hours to administer to as many front line workers and vulnerable as possible.  Good news for a country experiencing some HUGe numbers, especially next door in North Dakota, the worst per capita on the planet.

The vaccine wait for Manitobans, and Canadians will be longer.  Why?  Simply put, being a smaller country, we can't make the vaccine here.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week "One of the things to remember is Canada no longer has any domestic production capacity for vaccines.  We used to have it decades ago, but we no longer have it. Countries like the United States, Germany and the U.K. do have domestic pharmaceutical facilities, which is why they're obviously going to prioritize helping their citizens first."

The good news?  The federal government has signed orders for millions of doses of the vaccines from companies around the world, with the expectation doses will arrive in Canada in the first few months of 2021.  The PM said it will take time for Canada's vaccine-production capability to get up to speed, and in the meantime Public Procurement Minister Anita Anand says Canada has signed contracts for more doses per capita than any country in the world!  So 2021 should be the year of welcome relief.  And that relief can't get here soon enough. 

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