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Wait...That's Why Condom Sales Are Down?

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: July 21, 2020 14:24

No Affairs = No Condoms?

You might remember how I joked about all the pandemic babies we were gonna see later this year. Everyone was working from home more, not going out as much, and we had no activities to do at home aside from some bedroom fun times. I was seemingly wrong because Durex is reporting that they’ve seen condom sales dropping yet again.

     I was kinda surprised by this, but I didn’t consider the other reason why condom sales have dropped. A Star FM listener took the cynical point of view and pointed out that A lot of couples with kids just don’t use condoms anymore so there’s no need to buy right now, even if bedroom time has increased. The other factor that they pointed out, is that if you’re self isolating you’re not going out for A one night stand or having an affair!

     Yeah, I didn’t consider those last things. I guess my mind was A little too pure for that. What do you think? If you’ve got A partner and kids are condoms A thing of the past? If you’re single and you’re ready to mingle, are you not mingling because of the pandemic? Lets get to the bottom of this!

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