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Dan Everett


By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: June 26, 2020 14:00

Best Keep That Thing On You At All Times!

Kids can be A handful. With schools being closed for the last few months and parents' homeschooling, things have been A little tougher than normal. If you're A Westman parent I'm sure you're thrilled that school is done for the time being and your kids can just focus on summer and you can focus on everything else you've got going on. Might I suggest though to keep A close on them, especially if you're letting them use your electronics. We got this text sent to us this morning and it made me laugh A fair bit.  

   At first, I thought maybe this was someone trying to call for help or was trying to message me about an emergency. Nope! Turns out it was just someone's kid playing with their phone! The parent responded to me an hour later and I told them it was all good! Definitely, A laugh I needed to start the day. 
  I wanna know has there been A time when your kid got A hold of your electronics and did something with it that made your eyes bulge? 

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