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We're Not Cool Enough To Hang With Aliens

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: June 15, 2021 17:31

Science says our technological shortfalls are to blame!

We've been talking about aliens a lot during the past year. Two months ago I mentioned that Manitoba is the only province that has seen a decrease in alien sightings since the start of the pandemic, everywhere else in Canada saw an increase. Well, that’s fine, aliens don’t like us in Manitoba. Unfortunately, it now seems like them liking the rest of the country could be a bad thing. Science is now saying the rest of the country needs to follow our suit, and not contact aliens!

    Why? It’s simple. We’re not cool enough. And by that I mean we’re not technologically advanced enough. There are stars older than the sun, and that indicates there are probably other civilizations out there that are millions of years older than us. We might not be cool enough, or technologically prepared enough to hang with them, which could end badly for us.

    I’m fine with us not making contact, especially if it means we get to keep existing. I mean there’s already some weird black mark above Manitoba, so it’s not like they would come for us anyways. We should look at this as a good thing! If we did get in contact and things went south, clearly there’s something that makes aliens not wanna come to Westman. This might be the safest place to be. So in that sense, the rest of Canada is kinda lame, and Manitoba remains the coolest province around!

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