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We've Had Our Dogs Age In Human Years All Wrong!!!

By: Chip
Posted: July 4, 2020 07:12

According to a study a dog that is one-year old is similar to a human that is 30!


How old is your Dog in Human Years? Now the long-standing theory is that Humans and Dogs have a 1:7 ratio. Where you times your dogs age by 7. For example, if your dog was 10 he would be 70 in human years.

But scientists have come out saying this is not true because dogs don't age at a steady rate like humans do. I mean think about it, when was your dog fully grown? My dog was fully grown at like a year and a half. I was fully grown at like 20.


Dogs age faster when they are younger and slower when they get older. A dog that is one-year old is similar to a human who is 30

A dog who is 4 is equivalent to a human at 52 and a dog that is 9 is roughly a human in their mid-60's!

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