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Westman Wildlife Wackiness

By: Dan Everett
Posted: June 26, 2020 22:03

Ever had a close encounter...of the furred kind?

Ever get up close and personal with some wildlife? I'm not talking hunting/fishing/bird watching or something similar...I'm more referring to an encounter that was completely unexpected, and absolutely amazing. Moose using your lawn sprinkler to cool off? A bear chilling out in the shade under your deck? I want to hear about it?

My wildlife encounters haven't been too crazy as of late, though I did have a first the other day: I saw some baby kildeer with their mama when I was out golfing. I had never seen the babies before...it was so cool! Other than that...I can remember as a kid, out fishing with my dad and some family, I caught a little fingerling that was way too small to keep. I took it off the hook, and it got away from me, flopping everywhere around the boat. As a fan of snacks, I scrambled to close the box of crackers that was sitting nearby...long story short, I ended up catching the fish in the box of snacks by accident. I fished it out of there, pun intended, and didn't touch the snacks again. Fun fact: I actually ended up giving them to some other cousins to eat afterword (Sorry/not sorry Alana and Chrissy). 

Lets hear some local wildlife encounters that you've had!

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