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What Is The Monster Mash?

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: October 26, 2020 15:35

A song? A dance? A satanic ritual needed to summon monsters to haunt your neighbourhood?

We're into Halloween week in Westman and I figured it was time we dug into one of the greatest mysteries of the Halloween season.

     Every year we here at Star FM bring you some Halloween tunes in the lead up to the big day. Now obviously the big day is a bit different this year, but the tunes aren't. Within those tunes, we have the undeniable classic "Monster Mash". You hear it at every Halloween dance, you dance along to it, you sing along and you have a laugh. Yet I've seen not one actually describe how to do the mash. 

     The lyrics don't provide much context on how to actually do the dance either. Plus, the Monster Mash changes what is halfway through the song. At one point it's a dance, and they say "They did the mash. they did the Monster Mash" to "They played the mash, they played the monster mash".  The biggest takeaway here is that towards the end of the song, the mash is a dance again, and at some point, it was also called the "Transylvania Twist". 

     So it's a song, about a dance, that is also a song and a dance. I am confused and I spent time on this. 

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