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What your ice cream says about you!

By: Amber Vandale, Tyler Glen
Posted: July 20, 2020 06:25

Did you celebrate National Ice Cream Day with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?

Hopefully, you had a chance to visit your favorite place in Westman for National Ice Cream Day.  Did you know that what flavor you ordered says a lot about you?  SWNS Digital came up with some interesting stats after a recent survey of ice cream fans:

Strawberry Fans

        On average, find love at age 24
        Like doing laundry
        Prefer sci-fi movies
        Listen to jazz

Vanilla Fans

        On average, find love at 25
        Are introverted
        Prefer dogs
        Prefer washing dishes over doing laundry
        Are night owls

Chocolate Fans

        On average, find love at 26
        Are extroverted
        Enjoy romantic comedies
        Like pop and rock music

What's your favorite flavor?

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