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Where Do You Eat Supper

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: July 7, 2021 05:03

Where do you eat your supper!? Nearly 75% of those surveyed said they grew up eating dinner at a kitchen table, BUT only about 1/2 said they do so now when eating at home. The couch and the bedroom are both far more popular now!

Where do you eat your supper!?

Where do you eat your supper!?

     Like a lot of People, I grew up eating Supper at the table. Family RULE.... unless of course Dad noticed that either the Habs were playing or Airplane was on TV. Then it was "GRAB YOUR PLATES KIDS! WE'RE HEADING DOWNSTAIRS" (for the uninitiated - this was life before Tevo. Hell. this was life before Cable.

     Fast forward to NOW - Sara and I regularly eat in front of the TV. Mind you our little bungalow doesn't really have a space for a "family table" and the few "family" dinners we've have over the last almost 2 years have been via Zoom Anyways.

     One interesting point I've learned - if you're trying to eat LESS... turn off the Tube!

     At the Table? In Front of the TV? In The Car? In Bed? Where do YOU eat your meals?


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