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Which Halloween Box of Chocolate Is The Best?

By: Chip
Posted: October 24, 2020 05:52

Has to be #4 right?

Halloween Candy

With Halloween right around the corner, and PMH being given the green light for Trick or Treating it is time to grab a box of Halloween Candy. But which one do you choose?

In my mind, there are only 4 worth considering:

  1. The Cadbury box:  which has Caramilk, Crispy Crunch, Mr. Big and Wunderbars 
  2. The Mars box: Which has the Mars bar, M&M's Twix and Snickers
  3. The Hershey's box: Which has Recess, Oh Henry, and Hershey's
  4. And finally and my favourite, The Nestle box: Which has Kit Kat, Aero Smarties and Coffee Crisp

Which Box is the best?

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