Who said NO to Halloween

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: October 27, 2020 06:58

The yardsticks moved over the past week.

Last week 45% said no thanks. This week it's closer to 35%.

The latest "Morning Mess Parent Poll" reveals roughly 3 in 10 Brandon household's WON'T take part in Halloween Saturday. Since the situation is changing day to day, we'll ask one final time Friday morning. In the meantime, here's a more scientific survey: A new CIT Bank survey finds that of the adults who plan to celebrate this year:

-39% are more likely to stay in and watch scary movies than they were last year.

-30% are more likely to decorate their homes/yards.

-54% are less likely to host/attend an in-person party.

-51% are less likely to go trick or treating.

-But candy is still in the cards for some with 42% saying they are just as likely to hand out candy this year as they were last year. 

When it comes to Halloween spending:

-39% plan to spend less than last year.

-Overall, folks plan to spend the most this year on yard/home decor ($39), followed by costumes for the family ($32) (down from $60 last year) and Candy ($31) (about the same as last year ($33). Those totals are per person in the household.

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