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Will Covid Change Canada Day?

By: Tyler Glen
Posted: June 30, 2020 05:51

While flooding and water may change Canada Day plans in Westman, is sounds like COVID certainly won't.

Flag of Canada

July 1st is Canada Day!

Storms, a pandemic and flooding.  Life turned upside down in Western Manitoba.  At a time when we should be excited about Summer, we find ourselves constantly coping.  But amidst the challenge, is a chance to catch our breath.  Canada Day is mid week this year, and that means a rare Wednesday off for most people.  But will you celebrate as you have in the past?  Leger Marketing and the Association for Canadian Studies surveyed Canadians to see whether, given all that's gone on around the COVID-19 pandemic, they'll be more or less likely to find a way to celebrate this year.  For 42 per cent of those polled, this Canada Day will be no different than previous years.  Sixteen per cent of those surveyed are feeling that true patriot love -- they say they're more likely this year to find a way to celebrate, even if it's just a small gathering.  But 38 per cent are standing on guard, saying it's actually less likely they'll mark the holiday.   Regardless of how you celebrate and where, be safe, and try and have some fun.  Raise a glass and have some good food this Canada Day.  Let's enjoy the greatness of our country this July 1, amidst some really challenging times.


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