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Winnipeg Couple Move Date Of Wedding So They Can Have It Before New Restrictions Take Place

By: Chip
Posted: September 29, 2020 19:03

Is this sweet or irresponsible


As we know from 1st hand experience, moving from Code Yellow to Code Orange is a big jump with all of these new restrictions. So if you have planned an event, chances are it will need to be cancelled, but what if it was the most important day of your life? Your Wedding.

A couple in Winnipeg were set to get married on October 3rd, but with Winnipeg moving to Code Orange, it left them with a choice, postpone the wedding till next year, or move the date so it happens before the restrictions start.

They decided to do the sweet but in my opinion irresponsible thing, and they had the wedding a couple of days before the restrictions took place.

Would you have done the same thing in their shoes? Or would you have postponed the wedding?

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