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You Can't Talk COVID To Me!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: November 26, 2020 05:41

One coffee shop in Rome has banned all talk of the pandemic!

Are you sick of talking about COVID? I know I am. It's not that it's not important, but damn I miss normal conversations. Being able to go out to a restaurant with friends, have a nice meal and talk about literally anything else. That sounds too perfect right now. 

     In Italy, that's a reality at one coffee shop. The Feeling Bar in Rome has banned all talk about the pandemic! You can come in, get coffee, lottery tickets and even a snack, but COVID talk is a no go. So far it's been a hit with customers, with many saying they'd rather talk music, celebrities and the weather over the pandemic. 

     A reprieve from COVID talk sounds good, and having a safe space to discuss other things that keep you positive is a necessity. What's your favourite thing to talk about with friends and family right now? 

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